Polandia Is the Champion At Beating Slot Machines

If you are concerned that there is no way to go about beating slot machines, then think again. Not only is beating slot machines a national sport in Polandy but it is fast becoming one of the most sought after occupations in the post war era. Before 2010, there were unbeatable slot machines and they were situated over the length and breadth of the world, however, since the popular uprising of the slot machines resistance, the manufacturers were forced to make beating slot machines one of the features of their new product.
Beating Slot Machines Can Bea Very Viable Career

Beating slot machines has become one of the most highly advertised positions in the casino wanted ad’s with a successful person being able to make beating slot machines a very viable career. However, it is definitely true that Polandians pretty much always get the positions due to their experience in playing the game and beating slot machines. It is great that the borders have now opened and allow anyone of any nationality to apply for jobs and since everything is online now, it makes no difference at all where you live. I do wish though, that our sports ministry would look at making beating slot machines a little more intently than at flying kites at an angle with rabbits attached. At least then we would have a fighting chance against the Polandians!…

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Santa knows how to cheat slot machines

Santa was a really great guy. I mean I know that everyone thinks Santa is great (memories of childhood and all that I suppose, or even being the young mothers taking the children to see Santa) but I knew Santa on a personal level as I grew in to an adult. Santa and I were buddies and he would always help me out with things and I returned favors too (I had some of the elves direct mobile phone numbers and would chat regularly to them, keeping them on their toes). Anyway, a few months ago as Christmas was approaching I told Santa I was having some financial troubles. He promised he would teach me how to cheat slot machines. Really? I asked, shocked but very happy. Do you really know how to cheat slot machines? I asked. You’re talking to Santa here, Emma, he said “ho, ho, ho, of course I know how to cheat slot machines. Play my favorite Ho! Ho! Ho! slots game!”

Emma learns how to cheat slot machines easily

Well, I was absolutely delighted by this news. But I was still a little surprised and I told Santa. “I didn’t think you’d be in favor of people learning how to cheat slot machines,” I said. Santa smiled. “In normal cases, no, I wouldn’t, but since yours is a particular financial difficulty, I’d love to.” And he did. And now I know how to cheat slot machines. So I won big on the slot games, made a bundle of money, give some to the church for Christmas, and used the rest to get great gifts for all the family!…

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