Ford India appoints Suneil Shetty as brand ambassador for Endeavour SUV, hikes prices of all its cars

Ford Endeavour
The Ford Endeavour is now more expensive by Rs 25,000

Ford India has announced the appointment of Hindi film actor Suneil Shetty as the brand ambassador for the Ford Endeavour SUV. ‘Cars have always ranked high on my priority list and the Ford Endeavour is a dream come true for any car buff looking for a true blue SUV,’ says Shetty.

In order to pay Mr Shetty for his services, Ford India has also hiked priced of all its cars, except the Ikon. Er… no, we’re just kidding. Ford has raised prices of its cars in order to offset the increase in import costs and increases in the prices of locally sourced components.

The Ford Fiesta will be now be more expensive by Rs 5,000-10,000 (depending on the variant), the Fusion’s prices have been increased by Rs 15,000 and the Endeavour is now Rs 25,000 more expensive. The Endeavour SUV has an import content of about 70%, while Fiesta and Fusion models have about 20-30% imported content.


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