GM India to enter used car business

You should soon be able to buy certified, pre-owned cars from General Motors dealerships in the country. These cars are likely to come with a limited warranty

Everybody from Maruti to Mercedes-Benz has already gotten into the used car business, so why not General Motors. Indeed, General Motors India (GMI) is now in the process of figuring out how it can take a slice of the lucrative used car business in the country.

Ankush Arora, GMI vice-president – sales and marketing, says the company will roll out its user car business strategy in the next few months. This, apparently, would be to make sure there’s no slowdown in the company’s sales growth. At 71%, GMI posted the highest growth in the Indian car industry in FY08.

In all likelihood, GMI’s used car model will involve its dealerships evaluating and buying used cars, which would then be refurbished and sold to customers looking for certified pre-owned cars that come with a limited warranty. Buyers should also be able to trade in older/smaller GMI cars for newer/bigger cars from the GMI lineup.

With new cars in its lineup – the U-VA and Spark small cars, the diesel Optra and the Captiva SUV – GMI has been on an aggressive growth path, and the company is now also looking at expanding its dealership network in smaller towns and cities.

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