Motorists want stop-start engine technology savings

The Mercedes-Benz A-class will soon feature start-stop technology

In a survey carried out in the UK by Motorpoint, three out of four drivers say they would buy a car that automatically cuts and restarts the engine in traffic. This start-stop technology is already in production, but suffers from restricted availability.

Fuel cost saving of up to 8% in urban driving is the top reason for the demand of this technology, though the technology also offers a parallel reduction in CO2 emissions. With companies like Honda and Skoda offering the latest auto technologies on their cars in India, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the start-stop feature becomes available in India within the next two years.

In practice, the technology – essentially a beefed up starter motor and enhanced engine electronics – stops the engine when the driver comes to a halt, and takes the car out of gear. Pressing the clutch automatically restarts the car.

Today, only Citroen, BMW and Mini are offering stop-start on non-hybrids. However, most manufacturers are expected to introduce stop-start, on both manuals and automatics, over the next few years – either across the range, or on designated ‘green’ models.

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