BMW reports 100% growth in sales in India in 2008

Recession? For BMW, certainly not!

While the worldwide economic slowdown has brought many carmakers to their knees, that’s certainly not the case with BMW – at least not in India. The German company says it has recorded a 100% growth in the sales of its cars here in 2008. BMW, which had already delivered 2,700 cars in India by the end of November this year, plans to get to the 2,800 figure by the end of this month

Given that BMW had only sold 1,387 cars in India last year, the above figures are certainly commendable. And while the company does expect sales to dip in 2009, it still plans to increase its dealership network, spreading to relatively smaller cities like Ludhiana, Bhubaneshwar, Jaipur and Coimbatore.

BMW’s plant in Chennai has an annual production capacity of 3,000 cars per annum, running a single shift, and the company is prepared to expand capacity if needed.


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