Santa knows how to cheat slot machines

Santa was a really great guy. I mean I know that everyone thinks Santa is great (memories of childhood and all that I suppose, or even being the young mothers taking the children to see Santa) but I knew Santa on a personal level as I grew in to an adult. Santa and I were buddies and he would always help me out with things and I returned favors too (I had some of the elves direct mobile phone numbers and would chat regularly to them, keeping them on their toes). Anyway, a few months ago as Christmas was approaching I told Santa I was having some financial troubles. He promised he would teach me how to cheat slot machines. Really? I asked, shocked but very happy. Do you really know how to cheat slot machines? I asked. You’re talking to Santa here, Emma, he said “ho, ho, ho, of course I know how to cheat slot machines. Play my favorite Ho! Ho! Ho! slots game!”

Emma learns how to cheat slot machines easily

Well, I was absolutely delighted by this news. But I was still a little surprised and I told Santa. “I didn’t think you’d be in favor of people learning how to cheat slot machines,” I said. Santa smiled. “In normal cases, no, I wouldn’t, but since yours is a particular financial difficulty, I’d love to.” And he did. And now I know how to cheat slot machines. So I won big on the slot games, made a bundle of money, give some to the church for Christmas, and used the rest to get great gifts for all the family!…

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