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Toyota working with Subaru on new RWD coupe!

A Toyota-Subaru rear-wheel-drive coupe with 220bhp? Yes!
Pic: Edmunds

This one isn’t really very relevant for India, but we couldn’t resist posting this bit of news about Toyota working with WRC specialists Subaru, on an all-new, rear-wheel-drive coupe lineup.

According to a report on Edmunds, Toyota and Subaru are co-developing a new lineup of rear-wheel-drive sports coupes that employ a reworked version of the Subaru Impreza platform, boxer engine and transmission. Toyota’s contribution to the mix will be product planning and quality control.

The Toyota coupe will only be sold in Japan (hey, maybe they’ll bring a few units to India as CBUs…?), while the Subaru car will be offered worldwide. The cars will be mechanically identical, but the styling would be different for both cars...

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All-new Ford Ka for India by end-2009?

The brand-new Ford Ka. Will Ford bring a four-door version of this car to India by late-2009 or early 2010? We hope they do!
Pics: Auto Express

While Ford wants to significantly increase its market share in India, the one thing it doesn’t have in its lineup is a small car. And in the Indian market, small, fuel-efficient cars is where the volumes are. But now, Ford could have an answer to that problem, if it chooses to launch the all-new Ka in India.

The first pics of the all-new Ka have recently been revealed, and the car looks suitably smart and contemporary – a four-door version of this car could be the perfect small Ford for India...

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Safa Tempo: Electric rickshaws make inroads in Nepal

In Nepal, EVs have already replaced petrol/diesel powered three-wheelers!

According to a report on Autoblog Green, electric three-wheelers are getting very popular in Nepal. Because of the pollution they created, petrol-powered Vikram Tempo rickshaws were banned in Nepal in 1999. And since then, battery-powered Safa Tempos have been getting increasingly popular there.

According to Shree Eco Visionary (SEV), there are about 650 of these Safa Tempos on the streets of Kathmandu, fulfilling the transportation needs of over 100,000 people. And going by SEV’s projections, the number of these electric three-wheelers in Nepal may go up to 4,000 over the next five years.

The electric Safa Tempo costs about Rs 5...

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Tata Motors to raise Rs 72bn for JLR deal through three rights issues

Tata Motors, which is on track to complete its acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover by the end of June this year, will raise Rs 72 billion through three rights issues to fund the deal. This will be followed by another US$500-600 million issue of securities in foreign markets. Tata Motors will spend a total of US$2.3 billion towards acquiring JLR.

In a meeting today, Tata Motors board of directors approved a rights issue of equity shares up to Rs 22 billion, ‘A’ equity shares carrying differential voting rights up to Rs 20 billion and rights issue of five-year 0.5 percent convertible preference shares up to Rs 30 billion. With these issues, the company’s total equity capital will increase by about 30-35 percent during the current financial year.

Initially, Tata’s JLR acquisition co...

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Amara Raja expects 35pc growth in revenues in FYO9

Amara Raja expects a 35 percent y-o-y growth in FY09 revenue, driven by its recently launched two-wheeler batteries business and volume growth in its auto batteries business.

Amara Raja, India’s second largest battery maker after Exide Industries Ltd., expects a revenue of Rs 400 million from its two-wheeler batteries business, and will initially make about 1 million two-wheeler batteries this year.

The company had recently introduced the Amaron Pro Bike two-wheeler batteries, with valve regulated lead acid (VLRA) technology from US-based Johnson Controls Inc., which holds a 26 percent stake in Amara Raja.

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