Tata Motors bags Rs 2,200 crore order from DTC

Tata Motors has received an order from the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) to supply 1,625 ultra-low-floor buses. The company has also got a 12-year maintenance contract for these buses. The order is worth Rs 2,200 crore, comprising about Rs 900 crore for the 1,625 buses and Rs 1,300 crore for the 12-year maintenance contract.

This is the second such order that Tata Motors has got from DTC. The first one was given out in 2007, for 650 buses, which Tata Motors supplied on schedule last year.

Tata Motors’ ultra-low-floor buses make entry and exit more convenient, with passengers almost walking into the bus, rather than climbing into it. A pneumatically deployed automatic access ramp makes it particularly convenient for the physically challenged to board these buses, as they can also come in with their wheel-chairs if required. Wide twin doors, at the centre and the front, permit three individuals to simultaneously enter and exit.

Pneumatic suspension and automatic transmission makes these buses comfortable for the passengers as well as the driver. After Delhi, Tata Motors is hopeful of getting similar orders for its ultra-low-floor buses from other cities as well.

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