Tata Nano bookings open to soon, at Rs 70,000

By the end of this month, prospective buyers will be able to pay Rs 70,000 and book the much-anticipated Nano. Bookings will be accepted at Tata Motors dealerships as well as certain branches of the State Bank of India (SBI), with the latter also providing car loans for the Nano.

Tata Motors is looking at accepting bookings for up to 100,000 units of the Nano, by which it expects to rake in about Rs 700 crore over the next few weeks. Cars will be allotted via a draw, and most people who book a Nano can expect to wait for many months before their car is delivered. That is because while the Nano will be launched in March this year, the car will initially come from Tata Motors Pantnagar facility, which can only produce 3,000 cars per month.

However, things are expected to improve by early 2010, when the Nano’s main plant in Sanand will become operational. With a capacity of 250,000 cars per annum, the Sanand plant should certainly be able to satisfy the country wide demand for the Nano.


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