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Tata Motors faces challenge with Jaguar-Land Rover cars’ emissions woes

By 2012, Jaguar and Land Rover must start making cars that are lighter and less polluting. It’s going to be a big challenge for new owner Tata Motors

Jaguar and Land Rover’s new owner, Tata Motors may end up getting into a bind over the penalties faced by cars whose average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are significantly higher than the proposed European Commission (EC) norms, which will come into effect from 2012.

While JLR is working towards an overall reduction in its cars’ emissions over the next 2 – 3 years, heavy investments would be needed to develop biofuel, hybrid and other ‘green technologies,’ without which it may be impossible for carmakers to do business in Europe.

In an initiative aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from new cars by 19%, the EC had adopted a p...

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New CEO for Jaguar, Land Rover to be announced soon

As Jaguar and Land Rover, currently being managed by CFO David Smith, prepare for the transition of ownership from Ford to Tata, the two companies are also waiting for a new CEO to be appointed. While Tata has said it would want to retain much of the current management team, some senior positions will need new people at the helm.

Regarding the new CEO for Jaguar and Land Rover, Tata may either promote someone from within the ranks, or hire a person from outside the company. An announcement is expected in the first week of June.

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