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Tata Motors bags Rs 2,200 crore order from DTC

Tata Motors has received an order from the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) to supply 1,625 ultra-low-floor buses. The company has also got a 12-year maintenance contract for these buses. The order is worth Rs 2,200 crore, comprising about Rs 900 crore for the 1,625 buses and Rs 1,300 crore for the 12-year maintenance contract.

This is the second such order that Tata Motors has got from DTC. The first one was given out in 2007, for 650 buses, which Tata Motors supplied on schedule last year.

Tata Motors’ ultra-low-floor buses make entry and exit more convenient, with passengers almost walking into the bus, rather than climbing into it...

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Ashok Leyland receives order for 875 CNG buses from DTC

Ashok Leyland Ltd. (ALL) has got an order from the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) for supplying 875 low-floor buses that will run on CNG. The order is worth about Rs 480 crore, and comes with a 12-year maintenance contract that’s worth another Rs 710 crore.

ALL will not only deliver these CNG buses, but also train drivers and mechanics, and maintain the buses by setting up dedicated maintenance depots for these buses. Delivery of the buses (350 of which will be air-conditioned, with the remaining 525 being non-AC) will start by mid-2009, with all the buses being delivered by September this year. All buses will be fitted with 230 horsepower engines, automatic transmissions and a speed limiting device, as mandated by DTC.

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DTC buses go high-tech, start using GPS


GPS systems have been fitted to 25 of DTC’s AC buses

First it was air-conditioned buses, and now the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is installing Global Positioning Systems (GPS) on its buses. These GPS systems, already installed in 25 DTC buses, feed details like current location and expected arrival time at various bus stops along the buses’ respective routes, to a central server.

Commuters with cellphones can access a Web-based public information system to find out the exact location of the bus they’re waiting for, and also find out the expected arrival time at the particular bus stop which they happen to be waiting at.

After its AC buses, DTC plans to install GPS systems on its non-AC low-floor buses, and some private buses in Delhi are also expected to get this t...

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Safa Tempo: Electric rickshaws make inroads in Nepal

In Nepal, EVs have already replaced petrol/diesel powered three-wheelers!

According to a report on Autoblog Green, electric three-wheelers are getting very popular in Nepal. Because of the pollution they created, petrol-powered Vikram Tempo rickshaws were banned in Nepal in 1999. And since then, battery-powered Safa Tempos have been getting increasingly popular there.

According to Shree Eco Visionary (SEV), there are about 650 of these Safa Tempos on the streets of Kathmandu, fulfilling the transportation needs of over 100,000 people. And going by SEV’s projections, the number of these electric three-wheelers in Nepal may go up to 4,000 over the next five years.

The electric Safa Tempo costs about Rs 5...

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