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EBDI: Ricardo develops technology to optimize ethanol-powered engines’ performance

Ricardo Inc. claims to have developed a new technology that optimizes ethanol-fuelled engines to a level of performance that exceeds petrol engine efficiency and approaches levels previously reached only by diesel engines. Called ‘Ethanol Boosted Direct Injection’ (EBDI), this technology takes advantage of ethanol’s best properties – higher octane and higher heat of vaporization – to create a renewable fuel scenario that is independent of the cost of oil. Work on this research project was carried out at the Detroit Technology Campus of Ricardo Inc.

‘We’ve moved past theoretical discussion and are busy applying renewable energy technology to the real world,’ says Ricardo Inc. President, Dean Harlow...

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DTC buses go high-tech, start using GPS


GPS systems have been fitted to 25 of DTC’s AC buses

First it was air-conditioned buses, and now the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is installing Global Positioning Systems (GPS) on its buses. These GPS systems, already installed in 25 DTC buses, feed details like current location and expected arrival time at various bus stops along the buses’ respective routes, to a central server.

Commuters with cellphones can access a Web-based public information system to find out the exact location of the bus they’re waiting for, and also find out the expected arrival time at the particular bus stop which they happen to be waiting at.

After its AC buses, DTC plans to install GPS systems on its non-AC low-floor buses, and some private buses in Delhi are also expected to get this t...

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Mazda develops SISS for better fuel economy, new plastic moulding tech for weight reduction

With SISS, Mazda has put a new spin on engine stop-start technology

Mazda has developed a new technology that’s said to improve fuel economy by about 10 percent. Mazda’s Smart Idle Stop System (SISS) is meant for congested urban traffic conditions, where the driver has to stop frequently for stoplights.

Mazda, which plans to introduce SISS on some of its cars by 2010, says that the system uses direct injection technology, and provides seamless, automatic engine stop-start, which does not cause any inconvenience to the driver.

SISS saves fuel by shutting down the car’s engine automatically when the vehicle is stationary, and restarts it when the driver presses the throttle pedal...

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Astucia SolarLite road studs: A contribution to road safety

With 10 times more visibility than conventional ‘cat eye’ road studs, the SolarLite studs can make a significant impact on improving road safety

Astucia’s SolarLite solar-powered road studs, designed in the UK, are making a significant contribution to road safety around the world, and if used in India, they could probably help reduce the number of accidents on our roads.

These road studs offer a significant boost in night-time and/or poor weather visibility, compared with the traditional ‘cats-eye’ road reflectors, or lines painted down the side of roads. The SolarLite studs are now in use in approximately 120 locations across the UK, in the Netherlands, France, Australia and in South Africa...

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Motorists want stop-start engine technology savings

The Mercedes-Benz A-class will soon feature start-stop technology

In a survey carried out in the UK by Motorpoint, three out of four drivers say they would buy a car that automatically cuts and restarts the engine in traffic. This start-stop technology is already in production, but suffers from restricted availability.

Fuel cost saving of up to 8% in urban driving is the top reason for the demand of this technology, though the technology also offers a parallel reduction in CO2 emissions. With companies like Honda and Skoda offering the latest auto technologies on their cars in India, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the start-stop feature becomes available in India within the next two years.

In practice, the technology – essentially a beefed up starter motor and enhanced engine ele...

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